What’s This All About?

In light of the national discourse on the purpose, expense, and effectiveness of American higher education, this site looks to function as a thought lab, a place where we can analyze, critique, and debate educational trends and traditions. The stakes are high, especially for those of us who have chosen careers in higher education and who believe in its worth to our culture and economy.

This site explores the end(s) of education. It questions the evolving purposes and roles for colleges and universities in American society. What does it mean to be college educated? What do colleges and universities do for their students and communities? How do curricula relate to economic and cultural needs? At the same time, the site studies the forces and belief systems that portend the very end of higher education as we know it. Decreased public funding, increased corporate influence, bloated administrative structures, and weakened faculty governance threaten the very things that defined and set apart American higher education: things such as academic freedom, student access, and curricular innovation.

I am an English professor at a private university in the South. I’ve been teaching at the college level since 1994 and have worked for a wide range of institutions. My areas of interest include pedagogy, first-year curricula, and university administration. I’ve published and presented work on writing program administration, information literacy, and Bob Dylan.

Follow me @wcarp2, on academia.edu, and through LinkedIn.

All ideas and posts are my own.


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